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Political news of Belarus on «Belarus 24»

There are more and more people interested in politics, despite their age and social status. People who care about their country actively monitor the political situation. The political events directly or indirectly affect all spheres of human life. Therefore, a person in modern society can see the overall picture of what is happening around just by observing news in the country and in the world.

Accordingly, foreign and domestic policy of Belarus for a modern person is way more than just usual news.

News of foreign policy in Belarus

We don’t have a lot of time to broadcast political news, but the information is presented to the viewer in such a manner as to cover all the events in this area. Special attention is given to urgent and the most important news in order to give detailed coverage of the issue.

The most important news are discussed in «The Main Air» on «Belarus 24».

News of foreign policy are discussed in «Around the planet».

The most relevant information about all political events in Belarus is offered by the weekly project with the similar name «The Events».

The full news coverage on foreign and domestic policy is available on the air of «Belarus 24» and on the website.

«Belarus 24» is the latest news about politics of Belarus.

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