«About Belarus»: the most interesting about our country

«Belarus 24» is an international satellite television channel. The latest news about events in Belarus immediately goes on the air and is posted on our website, where you can get acquainted with the information. With us you will always be aware of what is happening!

We will tell you about all the aspects of modern Belarus

We keep our hand on the pulse of life of Belarus and its capital. If you do not know where to spend an evening in Minsk or where to go - the section «About Belarus» contains the most up-to-date information and announcements of upcoming events. The «Sightseeing» sub-section will provide you with information about the cultural, architectural and historical heritage of the country. Within the frameworks of the new large-scale project «I explore Belarus» not only the sights of Minsk will be shown to you, but also the sights of other Belarusian cities.

Besides, the section contains the following information:

  • about the most outstanding people of our country;
  • «Facts about Belarus»;
  • the most unusual and delicious recipes of national dishes - «Belarusian cuisine»;
  • «National holidays of Belarus»;
  • «Working days calendar 2018».

The TV-channel «Belarus 24»: broadcasting online

Now in order to get necessary information, there’s no need to wait until a TV-show goes on the air. The information on our official website is unique and will help you to learn the latest news first.

«Belarus 24»: information for you from first hand