• Alexandr Ivanovich Martynenko
    Director of the TV Channel «Belarus 24»

    Alexandr Ivanovich graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Belarusian State University. He came to Beltelearadiocompany (BTRC) as a student and worked in radio and television for more than 20 years. His career began from the editor and the news presenter and eventually he became the head of the Television News Agency. He was appointed as the Deputy Chairman of BTRC in 2003. In 2009 he was awarded the «Televershina» prize as the best presenter of the socio-political program («Otvetniy Hod» talk show). In 2010 the European Broadcasting Union appointed Alexandr Martynenko as the executive producer of the international children's song contest «Eurovision-2010», which took place in Minsk. Having accumulated the rich professional experience, in 2016, Alexander Martynenko was appointed to the post of the chief director of the international satellite channel «Belarus 24». «It is a great honor for me to bring Belarus closer to our foreign audience together with the TV channel team!»

  • Markevich Evgeniy Vladimirovich
    The Deputy Chief Director of the TV channel «Belarus 24»

    The scope of activity includes the distribution of the TV channel: work on expanding the geography of broadcasting and growing of the subscriber base, working with the telecom operates, retransmitting the TV channel, cooperation with embassies and foreign missions, introducing the channel at specialized international exhibitions, and developing strategy for satellite broadcasting. He has been working in Belteleradiocompany since 2000. On our channel - since 2008.

  • Svetlana Ivanovna Konopatskaya
    Deputy Director of the TV Channel «Belarus 24»

    Svetlana Ivanovna graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of the Belarusian State University. Her professional career began at the Gomel regional television – starting from the reporter to the author and the presenter of TV programs. The Chernobyl problem and a socio-economic development of the region took the priority place in her reports. She covered activities of the President, the government and the parliament as the ATN political commentator since 2001. Svetlana Ivanovna currently holds the post of the Deputy Director of the TV channel «Belarus 24».

  • Ravich Natalia Alexandrovna
    The Head of Planning Department

    The graduate of Philology faculty of BSU and BSEU, majoring in Finance and Credit. In the TV sphere she has worked since 2008. During the time Natalia Alexandrovna was in the role of administrator, editor, screenwriter, producer. Since 2013, she works as the head of the planning department of the TV channel «Belarus 24». She develops a programming scheme and a calendar-thematic plan, coordinates the preparation of incoming broadcast programmes, makes up weekly programmes, monitors and corrects the amount of television broadcasting of the channel.