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The latest news of Belarusian society on the channel «Belarus 24»

News of Belarusian society is a wide range of events, which are covered by the channel «Belarus 24». News of this sphere will be of interest to anyone. In the «Society» section you will learn the latest news of:

  • Tourism industry;
  • Education;
  • Transport;
  • Health service;
  • Housing and communal services, social services;
  • Science and IT;
  • UNESCO and other world organizations.

Do you want to keep up with events of Belarusian society?

On the TV-channel «Belarus 24» you will learn only the latest and up-to-date news of Belarusian society. Pensions and salaries rises, visa-free regime in Belarus and growth of the country's tourism potential, advanced technologies and discoveries in the field of medicine, changes of utility tariffs - the section «Society» will help you learn the latest news first.

«Belarus 24»: You will learn all the news of Belarus first!