International TV-channel «Belarus 24»

The channel «Belarus 24» is one of the biggest TV-channels of the Republic of Belarus and it is the first satellite channel of our country. In numbers it looks like this:

  • Broadcasting on 4 continents in more than 100 countries;
  • Broadcasting of  TV-programmes from three satellites;
  • Audience consisted of more than 270 millions of viewers;
  • More than 200 thousands of people who watch this channel online;
  • Thousands of people in all the most popular social networks – VK, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram;
  • A great deal of original TV-programmes.

The news of Belarus which are distributed all over the world

The task of  broadcasting of TV-channel «Belarus 24» is to tell about the life of Belarus and its inhabitants, about important events of the country, about its traditions and history. The first-string cultural and sport arrangements, achievements of the science and technique, new tourist routes and Belarusian cuisine  ̶ «Belarus 24» presents the best projects of the national television.

The broadcasting is carried out in two state languages of our country – Russian and Belarusian, what lets informants to watch our TV-programmes wherever they are. Besides, every day the releases of TV-programmes are on air in the English language.

Belarus today: the latest news online

International TV-channel «Belarus 24» will help you to keep up with events. On our website you can watch news online and get information about the events which have happened today. We keep an eye on the information on our official website so that it is promptly updated and be available to everyone.

«Belarus 24»: just news of the day and interesting TV-shows