Today, the measures to reduce the support of the real sector from the state budget were discussed at the level of the Head of State. In particular, the Government proposes to reduce the reimbursement of interest on loans by two points. Today the budget compensates lending rates of banks by up to 22 percent. The Belarusian leader asks who is going to carry the additional credit load, what is the amount of budgetary savings and how effectively they are spent today.<br>At the end of the meeting, Alexander Lukashenko sent the draft decree for revision. The fundamental requirement of the President is to unload the budget and shift the burden of the credit not only on enterprises but also on banks. According to the Minister of Finance, budget savings will amount to about 400 billion rubles this year.Optimization of budget expenditures will continue. The strategy is spelled out in the key presidential decree number 78. At the same time social guarantees for the population will not be cut.