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Belarusian economic news on TV channel «Belarus 24»

Special attention in Belarus is focused on the economy, which is developing in various fronts. Attention is paid to the traditional industries: agriculture, processing industry, construction, light industry, trade and transport activities, and innovative industries: it-technologies, science, medicine, optical products and industrial lasers. The main economic partners of Belarus are Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. In addition, Belarus actively cooperates with:

  • with European countries such as Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany, Lithuania, Italy, Poland, Latvia, Belgium, Czech Republic;
  • partners from Latin America - Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador;
  • countries of the Asian region - China, India, Indonesia, Turkey.

Belarus is among the world's leader in the export of trucks, tractors, quarry, road-building and municipal machineries, mineral fertilizers. The Belarusian economy is not static. Developing economic sectors heavily provide the domestic market and work productively for export. The Belarus geographical position is of great importance in the international transit, which positively affects the development of the economy in general. Transport service is provided by rail, road, air, river and pipeline.

There are a number of efficient joint ventures work productively in Belarus. The main partners and investors of Belarusian companies are Russia, China, Cyprus, Austria, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

An increase in investments in Belarus is one of the priority in the country's economy. The trade and logistics China-Belarus industrial park «Great Stone», where more than 20 residents are registered, is one of the examples of a successful decision of this problem. Free economic areas have been established on the territory of Belarus. They are located in every region of the country.

Belarusian economic news

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