The Belarusian government considered the forecast of social and economic development and the draft budget for the next year. Long-term plans were drafted with regard to the current situation. Over the past 8 months the economy showed growth of 3%. Industry remains the driver of development with an increase of more than 8.5%. Over the past 7 months, the export of goods and services increased by one third compared to the same period last year. The surplus is more than $2 billion. And this is the best figure recorded over any such period of time over the past 9 years. Next year exports are to increase to $46 billion, and investments in fixed assets are to grow by 3.3%. The GDP growth rate is planned at 102.9%, while the average income growth is expected to stand at 2%. The budget will retain its social bias. The government predicts that next year will see a significant increase in expenditures on wages in the public sector, payment of pensions to military personnel, support for large families, and others.