Grain harvesting has been largely completed in Belarus, the last hectares will soon be cropped. The harvest has exceeded 5100 tons of grain. According to the forecast of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, in 2018 the total croppage, including corn, will make 7 million tons. The Minsk region is in the lead with more than one million tons. Brest is in the second place, Grodno region comes third. Gomel region is about to complete harvesting with 95% of the area already cropped. 575 thousand tons of grain have been harvested and the figure will add 35 thousand tons more by the end. Khoyniki and Lelchitsy have already finished harvesting. 10 districts more will join them shortly. The buckwheat harvest will cover 100% of the region's needs in this grain. The corn is being cut for silage. Along with the harvesting the region has already started the sowing campaign.