Effective investments, employment and exports will be the priorities of the programme ofBelarus" socio-economic development in 2016-2020.<br> <br>Belarusshould stay on track of global economy, science and progress in the next five years, as stated by President Alexander Lukashenko at yesterday"s meeting on the draft programme ofBelarus" socio-economic development until 2020. The document, presented by the Government and the intergovernmental working group, focuses on qualitative parameters of economic growth, such as reducing dependence on external factors, diversifying exports, attracting investments and creating jobs.<br>The President stressed that the programme should be based on economic reality and be clear to everyone. It should contain answers to the most important issues, such as wages, prices, housing construction and loans.<br>The document will be finalised to be discussed in ten days" time. The final version will be reviewed at the Fifth All-Belarusian People"s Assembly.