«Belarus 24» is the only satellite TV channel in our country. Every year thousands of Russians and Belarusians go on vacation or on a business trip. Availability of «Belarus 24» in the list of other TV channels of the hotel can be a decisive factor for tourist and businessmen’s choice of the hotel. Every person wants to be informed about the latest news and follow the events while staying away from the motherland.

To the viewers

Do you want to watch «Belarus 24» while on holiday or on a business trip? It’s very easy! You can contribute to the broadcasting of «Belarus 24» in the hotel The connection procedure would only take about 10 minutes.

We want our viewers to watch «Belarus 24» at any hotel around the world!

Please, inform us about the presence or absence of «Belarus 24»" in your hotel.

There is a lack of the access rights.

To the hotels

To set up «Belarus 24« in the hotel room, you should follow the instructions:

Step 1. Tune the antenna to the satellite HOT BIRD 13°/ABS-2/AsiaSat 5;

Step 2. In the settings menu choose the automatic searching for television channels or watching television channels;

Step 3. Choose «Belarus 24»;

Or in the «Search for channels» enter manual settings of one of the three satellites which you can find here.

To contact with the representatives of «Belarus 24» fill in the form below or send us an e-mail to the following address belarus24@tvr.by.