An open dialog about the future of the country, the 5th All-Belarusian People"s Assembly, is held at the Palace of the Republic. The delegates have to determine the vectors for further development of the country. The main goal is to increase the quality of life based on the rise of the competitive ability of the economy, innovations and attraction of foreign investment. At the beginning of the forum, President Alexander Lukashenko addressed the delegates. The Head of state drew attention to the fact, that Belarus has fulfilled the tasks of the previous 5-year period: political stability, economic steadiness and social protection of the population were preserved. The main thing now is to determine new goals. As the Head of state notes, there will be no demolition of the political system in Belarus. All resources have to be concentrated on the key priorities: investments, employment, export, information technologies and youth.The Draft program of the social and economic development of the country till 2020 plans growth of the GDP, of labor efficiency and investment growth by 12 - 15%. The Belarusian leader considers these figures real. Belarus has to shift to the economy of knowledge and develop innovation production. The export strategy remains the same: one third of the Belarusian products should be exported to the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, one third - to the European Union, the rest - to the countries of the distant arc. A.Lukashenko urges to activate trade relations with the countries of the Latin America.  The President"s speech lasted for more than 2 hours.