Mother"s Day in Belarus is timed to coincide with the Orthodox holiday of the Protection of the Holy Virgin.A mother"s mission is unparalleled in terms of importance and responsibility, as stated in a congratulatory message by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.No matter how old we are, it is our mothers we turn to in the first place, it is our mothers who rejoice in our successes more than anyone else, support us in our failures and worry about every step of our lives", the message says.The President thanked Belarusian mothers and grandmothers "for the gift of life, the infinite patience and effort invested in their children and the warmth of heart and home".The size of a lump sum allowance paid in Belarus at the birth of a child is several times higher than in all Eurasian Union countries. Over the past five years alone, the amount of child benefits has seen a ten-fold increase.  Belarusian mothers receive about 15.5 million rubles at the birth of the first child and almost 22 million at the birth of the second and subsequent children.This year, the family capital is being claimed by more than 8,500 families, with nearly 7,000 deposits worth 68 million dollars opened in Belarusian banks.The total fertility rate in Belarus is higher than in many European countries. 118,000 children were born in the country last year, which is the highest figure in the last 20 years. As of last year, Belarus occupies the 25th position among countries favourable for childbirth and motherhood."