Today the Day of National Unity is celebrated in Belarus for the first time. President congratulates Belarusians on the state holiday. "Today is a significant day - we are celebrating a new public holiday for the first time. It turns us to the fateful events of the history of our native land. September 17, 1939 was the beginning of the reunification of Eastern and Western Belarus, the formation of a single Belarusian nation. Having gone through the pain of losses in the Great Patriotic War, the devastation of the 90s, the hybrid aggression unleashed today against the state, we have preserved what lives in the heart, which can never be given up and which cannot be sacrificed. This is our country – Belarus, thanks to which we remain one people. Let the national unity, hardened by the hardest trials, sealed by the achievements of the winners, become a source of the greatest spiritual strength and devotion to the Fatherland for future generations of Belarusians", the congratulation says.