The President held a meeting with representatives of the public, Belarusian and foreign mass media. The event was held in a new format under the title "Big conversation with the President." The dialogue was also attended by experts. About 150 people participated in the discussion. Ordinary people interviewed on the streets of various cities of the country were able to ask the head of state about the most topical issues.

The social sphere and economy were among the most popular issues. Responding to a question on increasing the salaries and pensions, Alexander Lukashenko said that by the end of 2017 the average salary should reach $ 500. It depends on the efficient operation of the economy. The President stressed that the socially oriented model of economic development is the only one acceptable in Belarus. Economy must operate for the benefit of the people. Issues connected with social security and welfare did not remain without attention: benefits, housing, employment of young specialists. The prospects for the development of industry, small and medium-sized businesses were also discussed.

Multi-vector foreign policy was discussed in a separate block. Belarus will continue to pursue this direction. The country remains committed to the Union State and the integration within the EEU. The President confirmed the strategic character of cooperation with Russia. At the same time Belarus will continue to develop cooperation with the EU and the countries of the West.