The plane with the Belarusians who were stranded at Vnukovo airport landed at Minsk National Airport. The Belarusian citizens, who flew to Moscow from the Asia-Pacific region, were brought to Minsk by the Belarusian air carrier Belavia. The charter flight carried 114 passengers and one child under 2. As we reported earlier, on 18 March, Russia closed borders to foreign nationals, including citizens of Belarus, over the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. Yet, it has allowed transit through Moscow airports Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo providing that citizens do not leave the transit zone and fly to Belarus within 24 hours. However, most Russian flights from the Asia-Pacific region arrive at Moscow's Vnukovo airport from which there are no direct flights to Minsk. “Belavia” is organizing special charters for the return of Belarusians from Baku, Azerbaijan.