Belarus is opening doors to foreign guests. According to the presidential decree, the existing separate visa-free travel areas around Brest and Grodno have been combined into one visa-free travel area named Brest-Grodno. Five districts in Grodno Oblast have been added to the new area. Those are Berestovitsa District, Volkovysk District, Voronovo District, Lida District, and Shchuchin District. Citizens of 73 countries will be allowed to stay without visas in the specified area for tourism purposes for up to 15 days. Apart from that, two more border checkpoints – Benyakoni and Berestovitsa – will be opened to visa-free travelers. Foreigners will be able to travel across the western regions, provided they do so as part of organized tourist groups and drop by in the visa-free travel area Brest-Grodno.