The tragedy is recognized as the largest man-made disaster in the history of humanity. It changed the lives of millions of people. A powerful explosion occurred on the night of April, 26. The consequences of the accident are experienced by many countries on the continent.More than 3500 localities of our country were contaminated.The most serious effects of radiation were experienced by the residents ofBrest,GomelandMogilevregions. 2000 settlements are still located in the contaminated area, where more than a million people live.Belarushas spent about 22 billion dollars on rehabilitation of the region after the Chernobyl tragedy.The affected regions are visited these days by the President of Belarus. Today the Head of State will leave for a working trip to theGomelregion. The main themes of the trip are the spring-field works, social infrastructure and health care. These and other topics will be discussed today by Alexander Lukashenko and residents of the agrotown Dobryn and the district center Yelsk.