Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has inspected the pilot test area of the OKB TSP research and manufacturing company in Machulishchi near Minsk. The head of state has studied new missile prototypes, testing and manufacturing capacities of the company. The company repaired and upgraded the Buk missile system and developed new promising surface-to-air missiles for it. Aleksandr Lukashenko has admitted that it costs a lot of money to develop such weaponry and to maintain the general defense capacity of the army. "Our strategic task in the field of defense is to cause irreparable damage to our enemy. We should demonstrate that we are capable of doing it now", the Belarusian leader said. The Belarusian leader believes that missiles and high-precision weapons are the most promising today. He’s added that he does not disregard small arms, armored vehicles, and anti-aircraft warfare.