CIS leaders hope that Ukraine will return to full participation in the Commonwealth. This was announced today in Minsk by executive secretary Sergey Lebedev. The main topic of the meeting of Foreign Permanent Representatives was implementation of decisions of Ministries of Foreign Affairs and of the leaders of the Commonwealth countries, which were adopted in Bishkek. Intensification of the international activity of the CIS is being discussed at the meeting in Minsk, as well as interaction with organizations such as the UN, the OSCE, the EU and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Much attention is paid to security cooperation. Humanitarian cooperation is on the agenda as well. Sergey Lebedev reminds about the decision to declare 2017 the Year of Family, 2018 - the Year of Culture. The status of the cultural capital of the CIS will be given to Azerbaijani city of Ganja in the coming year.