Today is the second day of the Fifth All-Belarusian Assembly. The country"s was discussed by two and a half thousand delegates from all regions, as well as guests from 55 countries. The forum adopted a program of socio-economic development of Belarus until 2020. President Alexander Lukashenko outlined five priorities for the near future: investment, employment, exports, information and youth. The main objective is to improve the quality of people"s lives. The priorities until 2020 include transition to green technologies and knowledge-based economy. It is planned that in five years our country will implement more than twenty state programs. Moreover, two-thirds of the funds will be directed to the social sphere. The President noted that the main centers of life in the country should be the agricultural towns. The President raised the question of strengthening executive discipline and demanded maximum effort to create import substitution. According to political analysts, the decisions of the Belarusian Assembly will determine the priority areas for cooperation in the Union State and the Eurasian Economic Union.