The President of Belarus is paying a working trip to Brest region. Alexander Lukashenko continues to monitor the socio-economic development of regions.<br>Alexander Lukashenko visits Malorita area. The focus of attention is on the socio-economic results of the region in the first half of the year. The Head of State visited Agropromtekhnika engaged in manufacturing of steel structures and repair of agricultural machinery. The President notes that the economic situation in the company is far from being the best. The Head of State considers destruction of service infrastructure in rural areas unacceptable. Alexander Lukashenko instructs the heads of district executive committees to restore full-service providers for the population, farmers and agricultural production cooperatives before January, 1.The President met with residents of Malorita. According to Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus has created all the conditions for a decent wage. But efforts are needed. Priority state aid is provided for the military and large families.