TV channel "Belarus 24" launches large-scale contest-relay race "I explore Belarus"

In addition to broadcasting projects, the TV channel "Belarus 24" has prepared a large-scale online project for the new season to show Belarus to the whole world from a new perspective and to apply even more unique sights on the tourist map.

Everyone knows Mir and Nesvizh castles, Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Red Church and other architectural landmarks of the country. But there are more than 15 thousand of them in Belarus. Hundreds of routes have been created for travelers to all famous places. And behind the beauty and historical significance of the famous tourist places there is also another, mysterious and undiscovered country.

On October 1, we begin the competition: publish a photo of Belarus and pass the baton to our subscribers. If you have a beautiful photo of Belarus and a good story for it, then place it safely in any social networks with a hashtag #яоткрываюбеларусь. The publication can be a photo of a native village, an old church or a mystical and legendary place. Share your memories or facts about it. The more unique and unusual the photo story, the more interesting for all participants. Do not forget to pass the baton to your friends by tagging their names in your publication. So, together we will open an unknown Belarus.

Every week the team of the TV channel will make a selection of the best photo stories from all social networks and share with you. And the authors of the most interesting publications will receive memorable rewards from "Belarus 24".

Together with you, the initiative will be supported by top Belarusian photographers, popular TV personalities and large public groups in social networks.

Join the relay #яоткрываюбеларусь. Together we will show everyone a new Belarus!