The program "Theatre in details". Premiere on the TV channel

The theatre is the most alive of the art, a unique synthesis of literature, music, choreography, vocal and visual art. It is a communal art: not only actors and stage director, but theatre designer, composer, choreographer and many other representatives of various professions, without whom the theatre could not be possible, are involved in the creation of the performance. All of them work to create a spectacle, work for the audience, but remain invisible. The authors of the new project offer viewers to plunge into the amazing world of the theatre and its alluring backstage area, to learn how stage performance is born. Together with the crew of the project, viewers will visit leading and little-known theatres, theatre and dramatic laboratories and will take a closer look at backstage area. Each episode of the program is the story of one performance. This can be both a much talked-of opening night, and the play that won the hearts of Belarusian audience long ago. Together with the anchorwoman Natalia Bibikova, TV audience will explore, investigate and talk about beautiful art. Sit back, a warning bell and the curtain rises. Watch the project "Theatre in details" on Thursdays on «Belarus 24».