The program "Country". Premiere on "Belarus 24"

The authors of the project "Country" focused their attention on the traditions and culture of different regions of Belarus. Each district of our country is unique and differs in its folk arts, crafts, vocal, dance and theatrical folklore traditions.
We want to acquaint TV viewers with the cultural diversity of Belarus. And tell about the bright representatives of primordially Belarusian culture. Among the characters of the "Country" program are artists, actors, craftsmen, creating unique products by their own hands, poets, folk music and dance bands. You will find a lot of interesting things, you will learn about the crafts of Belarus: from straw-making to the creation of black-gloss ceramics.

The program "Country". Premiere on "Belarus 24"

The culinary expeditions of the program deserve special mention: viewers will get acquainted with Belarusian cuisine and learn recipes of traditional dishes. And of course, unique rituals will not be left without attention