The new project "Lifework": 12 stories and 12 scientific victories!

Each episode of the transmission cycle tells about one of the most advanced field of Belarusian science, be it medicine, culture, machine building, history, social or other spheres of activity. Technologies, that save lives, help to domesticate space and make our world an easier place to live in. Twelve stories and twelve scientific victories! Applicants for State Prizes - scientists, engineers, medical workers and biologists - will tell you how ideas are born and how the boldest undertakings take shape.
From Monday to Thursday night on "Belarus 24" we will tell you extraordinary stories about how researchers come up with the original idea, how they develop the idea during many years and how they put it into practice. From the new transmission cycle, viewers will learn that a whole group of scientists can work on the scientific idea - from 3 people to the whole factory and institute personnel. In one of the episodes, for example, the authors of the project will tell how the personnel of OAO BelAZ have manufactured the world's largest dump truck.
"We wanted to show the fates of people who like their jobs, which enabled them to work together on common research activity. It is the unity that helps to translate the scientific idea into reality. However, often we enjoy the results, forgetting about the people who are behind it. In the Year of Science it has been decided to tell about these people by all means, so that the Belarusians can know their heroes in person, "said Ruslan Turkov, one of the co-creators of the" Lifework "project.
Watch the program from Monday to Thursday, right after the "Panorama" on our channel. The release archive is available on our website in the "TV programs" section.