The international TV channel about Belarus started broadcasting on the Belarusian satellite

Since April 2017, the signal of the international satellite TV channel in test mode has become available for the European audience on the Belarusian satellite BELINTERSAT-1.
National System of Satellite Communication and Broadcast of the Republic of Belarus signed the agreement with the international satellite TV channel "Belarus 24" for satellite transmission of the channel in test mode until 31 December 2017. The Belarusian satellite will deliver the TV channel to international signal distributors.
The establishment of National System of Satellite Communication and Broadcast is the largest telecommunications project, carried out by the Republic of Belarus. The project is of high innovative, economic and social importance for our country.
In 2016, the satellite BELINTERSAT-1 was launched into the orbital position 51.5° Eastern longitude and provides a full suite of modern satellite services in Europe, Africa and Asia, and provides global coverage in the Eastern hemisphere.
The TV channel "Belarus 24" is broadcasted on the European beam of the satellite BELINTERSAT-1.

Technical parameters for the signal reception from the Belinterast-1 satellite:
·        51.5° Eastern longitude
·        frequency: 11.220 MHz
·        polarization: horizontal
·        coverage: according to the Ku-band Europe beam
·        bitrate: 132 kbps
·        standard: DVB-S
·        modulation: QPSK
·        FEC: 2/3
·        symbol rate: 20 Msymb/s.
·        encryption: -
Watch the Belarusian TV channel on the Belarusian satellite. Our main task is to provide a clear picture of Belarus!