Premiere on TV channel "Belarus 24" - a new project "A look at Belarus"

What places do foreigners usually visit in Belarus? What is the first impression of our country, and how does the perception of Belarus change over the years among foreign guests, who stay here due to various circumstances? The TV project "A look at Belarus" will show modern Belarus from a different angle. Our country through the eyes of foreigners: infrastructure, attractions, Belarusian cuisine, identity, national color, soul and true nature of our people.

"On TV there are a lot of projects that tell about Belarusians, our history, culture, town living, sport, but it seems to me that we need an outside perspective. The team of our TV channel came up with an idea: we should ask foreign guests about Belarus, listen to their opinion about us. Unexpected look!" Alexander Martynenko, project manager and director of the TV channel "Belarus 24", said.

The TV project team asked the foreign guests who once discovered Belarus, the main questions. What brings them to Belarus? What do they think about the country’s image? What impression of our country do they have when they go back to their native land? What is, in their opinion, unique about Belarus? Each character of the program has its own unusual and sometimes really fascinating life story. Someone happened to be in Belarus, but stayed here. And they no longer consider themselves foreigners, and Belarus truly became their second home.

"Our main goal was to elaborate this project for each character individually, given his own story, i.e. do everything possible to bring the character and the viewer into the conversation to the fullest extent possible, "- Elena Osipovich, executive producer of the project, said.

Not only the character himself, but his family, relatives and close friends, people who somehow have influenced his life, those who support and inspire him, participate in the program.

«Geographical coverage of the project is impressive: from Brazil to Australia. People of different nationalities, ages and professions shared with us their "look at Belarus". Among them were diplomats, teachers, chefs, physicians, actors, ordinary students and sophisticated travellers... Each story allows us to take a fresh look at our country. Sometimes foreigners talk about familiar-to-Belarusians things with such great surprise and admiration that together with our characters we are, the team of the project, also surprised. Belarus is admirable and there are things to appreciate!" Catherine Ilyina, one of the authors of the project, shared her impressions after the first shooting.