«I'm walking around the country.» Premiere on the channel.

They walked thousands of kilometers. They worked under extreme conditions: they were not stopped even by the marshes, they went down to the depth of 420 meters and flew to the height of 600 meters on a warplane at the speed of 500 kilometers per hour. 8 series, 8 authors and hundreds of interviews.
For several months the film crew had to literally live every moment of history, to become part of the era. Moreover not necessarily the one in which they grew up. Piles of the studied literature and no single changed image. All in order to acquaint TV viewers with different pages of the country's life history: geopolitics, science, medicine, culture. The path of a modern and independent country.
«I'm walking around the country» to find out what our people are proud of and what is remembered for the guests of Belarus.