Are you ready for the summer season?

For many people dacha is not just your own house, land or garden. This is the philosophy of life. In the new episodes of the "Dacha" program, the anchorwoman Tatyana Larina and her permanent assistant TV cameraman Yuri Avlastsov decided to visit all the most exotic places of the country. On our TV channel you will see the result of these summer expeditions. All the Belarusian summer visitors are real enthusiasts: they grow not only cucumbers and tomatoes, but also bananas, peaches, apricots. It's time to adopt their best practices on TV! The authors make every episode very informative. The sections "Lunar calendar", "No problem" (recommendations of scientists and crop breeders), "Fast facts" (tips for gardeners), "A penny saved is a penny earned" will be broadcast for summer visitors. But there are some new features-you will see it! For example, for the most economic people there will be a new section "Gardening Tools Buying Guide", where the anchor Yuri Prokopenko will tell you how to choose the right quality-price gardening tool with a long-lasting performance (from the pruning shear to the rotary cultivator). The main characters and consultants are experienced gardeners, truck-farmers, heads of plant nurseries and Belarusian landscape architects. In short, all those people who can briefly, intelligibly and in essence answer the questions of our summer visitors. With us you will definitely become a lucky summer visitor! Watch the program "Dacha" every Saturday at 8:30.