A new season of the most delicious show "Belarusian cuisine"

One of the most popular shows returns to TV screens. Did you think we wouldn’t offer any Belarusian recipes? No! A new portion of Belarusian traditional dishes is ready.

In the new season, you will get even more recipes, more ideas, and you will have a chance to learn more about delicious Belarusian cuisine. This cooking show is a program that differs from existing cooking shows: authentic Belarusian recipes are prepared in a traditional way by those who keep up old traditions and culinary culture. They will reveal authentic recipes and the secrets of their preparation. And the TV presenters will show how to prepare a tempting dish at home - simply, quickly, using modern technology.

As before, Larissa Metlevskaya, ethnographer, will go on a journey through culinary history of our ancestors. In every episode, she will visit new remote places of our country looking for delicious recipes and their stories. Chef Vartan and the elegant anchorwoman of the "Belarusian cuisine" Alena Spiridovich will tell us how to prepare classic dishes with a modern twist.

Watch the new series of "Belarusian cuisine" every Sunday at 13:00 on the TV channel "Belarus 24". The full archive of the TV program is available on the website belarus24.by