Mystical Belarus: mysterious places of the world

Scotland rankes the first place in the world in the number of ghosts per person. And in second place is Belarus. Read in our article about the ghosts of old castles, lost treasures, mermaids and UFOs.  You will have an exciting journey through the most mystical places of the planet.

Where you can find a ghost in Belarus

about ghosts in old castles

In most legends of Nesvizh Castle the famous “Black Panna Niasvizh” is mentioned. It is believed that this is the ghost of Barbara Radziwill. She is the victims of unhappy love. Her story is truly tragic. After losing her father and first husband young Barbara fell in love with King Sigismund. He had to marry a representative of an powerful European family to consolidate the position of Rzecz Pospolita. However, the Barbara brothers cared about the reputation of the sister and insisted on the marriage of the prince and princess. Lovers secretly married. When Sigismund's mother Queen Bona Sforza learned about this she did her best to ruin life of daughter-in-law. And she succeeded. The inconsolable Sigismund resorted to black magic to summon the spirit of Barbara. Tvardovsky and Mnishek  - two alchemists - fulfilled the king's wish, but warned him that the ghost should never be touched. Sigismund promised not to do this, but at the sight of his beloved he could not resist, thus dooming Barbara’s spirit to everlasting wanderings on earth ...

the most mysterious castle

The second of the most mysterious castles of Belarus is Golshansky, the legends about it inspired the classic Belarusian literator Vladimir Korotkevich to his famous novel “Chorny zamak Alshanskі”.  Here you can meet two ghosts at once these are the White Lady and the Black Monk. Their story is no less tragic than the legends of Nesvizh Castle about Barbara Radziwill. The black monk is a young man named Gremislav Valyuzhinich, and the White Panna is his beloved Princess Hanna-Gordislava Golshanskaya. In order to furtively see her, Gremislav dressed as a monk. But once Hanna's husband found out about their dates and in a fit of jealousy, he ordered both of them killed. Since then, the White Lady and the Black Monk wander around the castle together.

In Mir Castle the ghost of Sonya Radzivill was seen. Her spirit is believed to live in a white tower. Sofia Svyatopolk-Mirskaya was buried in the tomb, which flooded every year. Perhaps that is why her restless spirit wanders the earth ...

Where you can look for treasures in Belarus

mystical places of the planet

Probably everyone wants to find a real treasure! In Belarus there are a great many  legends about the existence of lost treasures:

  • In Nesvizh, during the war with Napoleon, 12 apostles disappeared - statues of pure gold and silver;

  • It is believed that in the Mir castle you can also find treasure. Rumors are closely intertwined with the legend that the two residences of the Radziwills in Mir and Nesvizh connected the tunnel. According to legend, it is here that you can find treasures;

  • Another treasure can be found in Vileyinsky: they say that gold is stored here, hidden by Napoleon's troops during the retreat. Fr om time to time it appears on the surface. The team of the channel “Belarus 24” visited this mystical place of the planet - see our story.

mystical Belarus

Most legends about treasures associated with the retreat of Napoleon's troops. However, there are rumors about the treasures of the times of the Commonwealth, Swedish and even Tatar gold. Who knows, maybe it is you who are lucky enough to find them!

Where you can meet with a mermaid in Belarus

mysterious places of the world

   The film industry actively romanticizes the image of a mermaid, but fr om time immemorial it was unkind, even sinister creatures. Young girls became mermaid, girls who died a violent death, most often drowned women. There is a legend that they lure young guys into the water and drown them. Therefore, if you want to meet a mermaid, it is better to go with company looking for mermaids, just in case.

Legends about mermaids are found everywhere in Belarus. Litovka (near Novogrudok) is considered the most “mermaid” lake. In the old days, girls were saved in his waters fr om unwanted marriage, and then frightened the locals. We met mermaids in Svyaty Lake (Gorodok District) - we already told about this mystical place of the planet. It is believed that once a whole church sank in its waters, and now the gates of hell are at the bottom of this lake.

Mermaids in Belarus

The team of the Belarus 24 TV channel also investigated the mermaid backwaters. And what came of it - look at our channel.

Where you can meet a UFO in Belarus

Wh ere to see a UFO in Belarus?

Ufologists around the world are looking for evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. UFO secrets exist in Belarus, with reports of "flying saucers" everywhere:

  • fire columns with balls inside them - in the Buda-Koshelevsky district of the Gomel region. Almost every local resident came across them;

  • in the village of New Alba (Mogilev region) there are three hollows in the ground - it is believed that these are traces of the landing of flying "saucers";

  • the absolute record holder is the village of Tishkovo (Vitebsk region) - here contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations are fixed all the time.

Secrets of the UFO in Belarus

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