Stanislav Bogdevich – the creator of panoramic photos and 3D tours

Our next photographer is Stanislav Bogdevich. His work enables us to stroll around cities, visit museums and enjoy the beauty of the nature. And all of this is possible without going outside. For instance, you can visit Botanical Garden which situates near Academy of Sciences or you can make a tour of excavations in the archeological museum in Berestie. Stanislav is a creator of panoramic photos and 3D tours. And the only thing you will need to make such a tour is the Internet. However, the creation of one is way more complicated.

All starts with digitization of space. You will need a tripod, a panoramic head and a camera with a wide-angle lens. The next stage is gathering of digital material. After the digitization — all the next stages of working with a photo and you can finally pass to the creation of equidistant projections, which are superimposed on the program code and then filled in the Internet. It sounds really difficult but looks very beautiful!

Stanislav is a creator of project People on this site are creating 3D-tours. «The project allows me to travel, to get myself familiar with places, to which not everyone can get or even doesn’t want to get. Thanks to my visualization any person, sitting in front of a computer, can get to know those places and go start exploring them» – says the photographer.

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