Holidays in Belarus: Mogilev

We continue our weekend trips around Belarus. This weekend we suggest you to go to the east, to the city, stretched on the picturesque banks of the Dnieper - Mogilev.

Holidays in Belarus: Mogilev

Mogilev is a city with a big history, interesting sights and beautiful architecture.

We have collected for you a checklist of sights, because of which you have to visit Mogilev:

• Church of Sts. Stanislaus. Earlier the church was wooden, but there is a legend that according to the decree of the Polish king, "the inhabitants of the city must dismantle all the stone buildings and build a church from this stone ...". The foundation of a building of stones of very different sizes speaks in favor of this legend;

• Drama Theater of Mogilev;

• The Arc de Triomphe, or Arch of Glory;

• Moscow and Tula courtyards;

• The only Stargazer in the world (it is said, that it can be seen from space) and 12 large chairs for each sign of the zodiac - all together performs the function of a sundial;

• Town Hall and Sovetskaya Square, separate attention must be paid to the clock on the Town Hall tower;

• The headquarters of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, where Emperor Nicholas II used to live, and now there is a museum of local history;

• Be sure to stroll along the main streets of the city: Pervomaiskaya and Leninskaya.

Holidays in Belarus: Mogilev

If this is not enough for you, go to the suburb of Mogilev:

History lovers are advised to visit the Buinicheskoe Field. In the center of the memorial is a 27-meter chapel, a symbol of the greatness of the military spirit of the Slavic people and military equipment of the Great Patriotic War.

Holidays in Belarus: Mogilev

Opposite to the complex "Buinicheskoe pole" you can find a Belarusian ethnographic village of the 19th century. Here you will find the houses of Potter, Baker, Weaver and moonshiner, you can see how the life of the village was arranged, how the representatives of different crafts lived and purchase the products of local craftsmen.

One more reason to go to Mogilev - there you can see a unique Belarusian safari. Driving on the train you will see rare animals listed in the Red Book and learn a lot of interesting from the history of these places.

Holidays in Belarus: Mogilev

"I was born and live in Mogilev. The city, of course, is not Brest or Minsk, there are not any special sights, BUT! In summer the city transforms: a lot of greenery, cozy streets and small cafes. There is a charm, a mystery. You come here not to see, but to relax from the hustle and bustle of big cities in shady parks or on the bank of the Dnieper and Dubrovenka. "

You can eat in cafes or restaurants. There are quite a lot of them, so choose the cuisine you like: Belarusian, Japanese, Italian, Eastern. Average dinner will cost you 8-12 BYN (4-6 $). Rooms in most hotels will cost 70-140 BYN (35-70 $).

By the way, on July 3 Mogilev will celebrate his birthday - 750 years. The first festive events will begin on June 28. All the weekend at once on several sites in Mogilev will be held various festivities. The celebration of the Day of the City and Independence Day will be completed with a big salute on July 3 at 23:00.