Facts about Belarus: Our country

Fact 1. The Republic of Belarus is a country located in central Europe. It covers 207,600 square kilometers, which is equal to the area occupied by Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, Israel, Armenia, Montenegro, Jamaica and Cyprus.

Fact 2. Belarus is a country with a population of almost 9,5 million people representing 140 nationalities.

Fact 3. The majority of the population (77,6%) live in cities. Take, for instance, Minsk- over 20% of Belarusians live here. Now, given the number of citizens, our country is number 10 in Europe.

Fact 4. Belarus is a country with one of the highest birth rate in the region. On average, 325 babies are born every day. The most widespread names for kids are Artem and Liza.

Fact 5. The national languages are Russian and Belarusian. In the classification of UNESCO Belarusian is almost the most melodious language, second only to Italian.

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