Belarus at the Olympic Games

Olympic Games is the most scaled of all sport events. Olympia (Ancient Greece) is the home of the contest. The inhabitants of Olympia were competing for the title of the best athlete. The modern and international version of such fight has been held since the end of the XIX century. Since 1994 the Republic of Belarus has been participating in the Olympic games. Previously, Belarusian athletes participated in different kind of games as a part of the Soviet Union national team. 

Belarusian Olympic Champions 

Our country has won 96 medals at the Olympic Games since 1994. Belarusians were competing at 13 Olympic Games, 7 of which were during the winter time and 6 were during the summer. Such division into summer and winter games appeared in 1994. Belarus has brought up a large number of Olympic Champions for 24 years of participation. They are Victoria Azarenko, Dinara Alimbekova, Alexei Grishin, Daria Domracheva, Anton Kushnir, Vadim Streltsov, Julia Nesterenko, Nadezhda Skardino, Vladislav Goncharov, Maria Mamoshuk, Daria Naumova, Alla Tsuper, Ekaterina Karsten. 

The most famous Olympic winners 

  • Daria Domracheva is one of the most recognizable multiple Olympic Champions of Belarus. She brought Belarus 4 gold medals. Three of them at the Games in Sochi in 2014 and one at the Olympics in PyeongСhang in 2018. One silver medal in PyeongСhang in 2018 and one bronze in 2010 in Vancouver.         
  • Victoria Azarenko is a professional tennis player who won one gold medal together with Maxim Mirny and one bronze medal at the Olympics in London in 2012.
  • Anna Guskova is a freestyler. She brought a gold medal to Belarus at the Olympic Games in 2018.  
  • Alla Tsuper is a belarusian freestyler, who won the Olympics in 2014 in the category of "Ski acrobatics".   
  • Ekaterina Karsten is the first belarusian two-time Olympic champion. She is one of the most titled Belarusian women in single rowing.   
  • Anton Kushnir is a belarusian freestyler. He acts in the category of "Acrobatics". Kushnir is the gold medalist of the Sochi Olympics.  
  • Maria Mamoshuk is the Olympic champion in the category of "Free-style wrestling". She won a silver medal at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. 


  • Vladislav Goncharov won the highest gold award in the сategory of "Trampolining" at the Games in 2016.
  • Vadim Streltsov won a silver medal at the games in Rio de Janeiro. He is the winner in the category of "Weightlifting". The Belarusian athlete lifted the weight of 395 kg in total.
  • Daria Naumova has brought silver to the Republic of Belarus in 2016 at the Olympic Games. She is one of the most famous weightlifters of our country.      
  • Sergey Martynov is the Olympic champion in 2012 in London. Also, he is the most famous shooter of the small-caliber rifle and winner of the World Championships and European games. 

Interesting facts about Belarusians at the Olympic Games in 2018 

  • Alla Tsuper became the standard bearer of our team.
  • The uniform for our athletes was created by the famous Belarusian designer Lyudmila Labkova.
  • Athletes received a monetary award for a victory at the rate of $150 thousands for gold, $75 thousands for silver and $50 thousands for bronze medals.
  • The well-known Norwegian biathlete Ole Einar Bjoerndalen was included in the coaching staff of the Belarusian delegation. 

Belarusian athletes are heroes of our country! 

It is said that the Belarusian land is famous for its sporting talents. It is a great honor for all Belarusian athletes to represent the country at the Olympic Games. The Olympians of Belarus prove once again that there is nothing impossible. You can learn more about the success of Olympic Champions from the programme "Two sides of the Olympic medal".
During the interview our heroes note that it is necessary to work hard and a lot  to achieve your cherished dream is to win the Olympics! The next Olympic Games will be in 2020 in the capital city of Japan is Tokyo.